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plovr demo page

This is a demo for plovr, a Closure build tool.

About plovr

plovr is a bulid tool that dynamically recompiles JavaScript and Closure Template code. Once you create a simple configuration file to tell plovr where the JS and Soy files to compile are on your local machine, simply run the plovr jar with the config file to start compiling your code. The output of plovr can be included via a <script> tag.

Visit the downloads page on code.google.com to get the latest plovr binary, or check out the source and build it yourself.

Live Examples

plovr is running live on plovr.com, so take a look at the config file it uses and the test pages that load its output. This instance of plovr was started by running:
java -jar plovr.jar serve demo-config.js

The config file tells plovr to compile example/main.js and to look in example when searching for its JavaScript and Soy dependencies. By default, any JavaScript file in the Closure Library (as well as soyutils_usegoog.js) may also be transitively included as a dependency.

Using plovr eliminates the need to run calcdeps.py and java -jar SoyToJsSrcCompiler.jar as separate build steps. More importantly, when changes are made to the input files, there is no need to restart plovr—just refresh the web page that loads its output and plovr will recompile the inputs!