Class CoffeeFile

  extended by org.plovr.AbstractJsInput
      extended by org.plovr.LocalFileJsInput
          extended by org.plovr.CoffeeFile
All Implemented Interfaces:
SourceFile.Generator, JsInput

public class CoffeeFile
extends LocalFileJsInput

CoffeeFile represents a CoffeeScript source file on disk.

Author: (Michael Bolin)

Field Summary
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Method Summary
 String getCode()
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Method Detail


public String getCode()
               throws PlovrCoffeeScriptCompilerException
Specified by:
getCode in interface SourceFile.Generator
Specified by:
getCode in interface JsInput
Specified by:
getCode in class AbstractJsInput
JavaScript code
PlovrCoffeeScriptCompilerException - if the CoffeeScript compiler encounters an error trying to compile the source