Package org.plovr

The core of plovr.


Interface Summary
JsInput JsInput represents a JavaScript input to the Closure Compiler.

Class Summary
AbstractJsInput AbstractJsInput provides the default logic for extracting goog.provide() and goog.require() information.
CoffeeFile CoffeeFile represents a CoffeeScript source file on disk.
CoffeeScriptCompiler Adapted from in
Compilation Compilation represents a compilation performed by the Closure Compiler.
CompilerPassFactory CompilerPassFactory instantiates CompilerPasses using reflection, based on the class names that are provided to the "custom-passes" option in a plovr config.
ConfigOptionDocumentationGenerator ConfigOptionDocumentationGenerator is a class that generates HTML documentation for ConfigOption.
ConfigParser ConfigParser extracts a Config from a JSON config file.
CustomPassConfig.CustomPassConfigDeserializer Unfortunately, CustomPassConfig needs a custom deserializer because "class" is a Java keyword, so having a getClass() setter that returns a String is problematic.
DiagnosticGroupUtil DiagnosticGroupUtil is a hack to work around the fact that not everything that plovr needs from DiagnosticGroups is exposed via its public API.
FileUtil FileUtil is a set of utilities for dealing with files.
GsonUtil GsonUtil provides utilities for working with Gson.
InputFileHandler InputFileHandler serves the content of input files to a compilation.
JsSourceFile JsSourceFile represents a JavaScript file.
LocalFileJsInput LocalFileJsInput represents a JavaScript input to the Closure Compiler that can be read from a local file.
Manifest Manifest represents an ordered list of JavaScript inputs to the Closure Compiler, along with a set of externs.
Md5Util Md5Util provides a nice API for getting the MD5 hash of a string.
ModulesHandler ModulesHandler provides a visualization of the modules as an SVG.
PlovrClosureCompiler PlovrClosureCompiler subclasses Compiler so that its PlovrClosureCompiler.getDiagnosticGroups() method can be overridden to return a PlovrDiagnosticGroups, which is a DiagnosticGroups that can be modified from outside the package.
QueryData QueryData represents the query parameters in a URI.
ResourceJsInput ResourceJsInput represents a JavaScript file loaded from a JAR, so it will never change, so its dependencies must only be read once.
SoyFile JsSourceFile represents a Soy file.

Enum Summary
CompilationMode CompilationMode specifies the values for the "mode" parameter.
Handler Handler is an enumeration of HttpHandlers that are registered with the CompilationServer.

Exception Summary
CheckedCoffeeScriptCompilerException PlovrCoffeeScriptCompilerException is a CoffeeScript exception that can generate a JSError that can be displayed for the user.
CoffeeScriptCompilerException An exception thrown by the CoffeeScript compiler.
CompilationException Base class for compilation errors.
PlovrCoffeeScriptCompilerException PlovrCoffeeScriptCompilerException is a wrapper for a CoffeeScriptCompilerException that contains information specific to plovr, such as the JsInput that was responsible for the exception.
PlovrSoySyntaxException PlovrSoySyntaxException wraps a SoySyntaxException so that it can display a plovr-specific error message.

Package org.plovr Description

The core of plovr.